What’s In It For Me

“Sociocharge is a global impact network to accelerate positive change.
Join and play your part.”


  • Connect with people, brands & social organizations on shared values & aspirations.
  • Build your own impact profile let people know your purpose.
  • Share your impact stories with like minded people.
  • Help impact entrepreneurs around the world as mentors, experts and/or investors.
  • Pariticipate in sharing economy and earn giving points.
  • Build your ideas of impact under ‘Impact lab’.


  • Identify, align and communicate brand’s purpose with employees, customers & other stakeholders.
  • Engage customers around shared purpose & let customers love your brand.
  • Build deeper connections with customers at emotion level.
  • Lead on purpose with Sociocharge brand solutions on purpose.

Social Organizations

  • Let community know your mission.
  • Attract more followers & volunteers
  • Attract sustained fundraising through participation in cause related marketing & CSR activities of businesses.
  • Attract individual financial contributions for your cause.


  • Establish ‘Impact Entrepreneurship Lab’ in campus.
  • Help students realize their potentials through right career choices and/or impact entrepreneurship.
  • Build impact profile of the institute.
  • Leverage network of well known & well qualified mentors, experts & professionals to help students thrive in their careers & entrepreneurial journeies.

Purpose driven engagements

Impact Lab

"No Idea of impact in the world should suffer due to lack of guidance, support and funding"

Global ecosystem to solve ciritical social-environmental challenges through innovative business solutions.
Explore Impact Lab.

Sharing economy

"No unused item but still usable should reach to landfills"

There are many unused items lying in our houses & offices that are good to use but we do not use them anymore. Why not give them to someone who really needs them through ‘Recycle Free’ at Sociocharge & build transformational relationships. In the process we also help environment by avoiding unnecessary landfills.
Explore Sharing Economy.

Story sharing

"No impact story should be unheard"

Sharing impact stories inspires others to come forward and extend support.

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