How everyone can make impact through Sociocharge

How everyone can make impact through Sociocharge

Humans have natural tendency to grow and make world better. However, most of the people in the world are trapped in securing their living through kinds of work that they would not have liked to do if they had an option to do what they desired to do and what were good at. This vicious circle create dissatisfaction, frustration and takes heavy toll on productivity and health.

We strive to do good but do not get channels or mediums where in we can channelize our skills, competencies and resources. Sociocharge is a Global Impact Network that connects businesses, community and social organizations around the world to create greater positive changes.

As an individual if you are an expert in certain field, you can help budding entrepreneurs working in impact space as mentor or expert. You can help social organizations to solve their pressing challenges. You can use your wallet to encourage companies that stand for social good and penalize those companies that are creating net negative impact & driven with purely profit mindset.

We have an innovative solution where in if you have anything useful but you do not use it anymore, you can give to someone who really needs it through Recycle Free. This is not a transactional relationship, this is transformational one where in you are also increasing others to follow so that we can avoid un-necessary landfills.

If you are a social organization, you can create your impact profile on Sociocharge so that world knows about you — what you do, why you do, how you do and what challenges are you facing. You can also present your CSRproposals that can be reviewed by corporates on the platform. Wouldn’t it be good if NGOs are not worried about fundraising and marketing anymore. Whole community of people and businesses can come forward to support the worthy causes.

If you represent a business, you can also create impact profile on Sociocharge where in not only you mention what business you do but also mention why you do and what are your social & environmental commitments. Brand loyalty is not built through manipulations of deals & discounts. Brands need to connect with consumers/customers at emotion level. No marketing is more powerful than your customers doing marketing for you as brand advocates. Sociocharge has built an innovative enterprise level purpose driven customer engagement (PDCE) solution for purpose driven brands where in brands can engage with their customers around brand’s purpose & shared causes both brand and customers are passionate about. This is first of its kind solution around brands purpose that actively engage customers and helps driving business growth.

We also understand challenges of students and early stage founders who want to execute their ideas of impact but lack nurturing environment and support to pull those ideas in to sustainable businesses of tomorrow. We have built an unique solution around these issues where in we commit ourselves to ensure that no idea of impact is lost due to non availability of support, mentorship & funding. We help purpose driven founders with the help of network of purpose driven people as mentors, experts, professionals and investors. We also help connect promising ideas to matching incubators for further growth. At the initial stage we help ideas take proper shape with strong business model. Impact Lab initiative in sociocharge is dedicated to students and early stage founders who want to make an impact in the world through their innovative ideas of impact.

We would appreciate feedbacks and comments from the people who sincerely things we should make our sincere efforts to handover a better world to our coming generations. No work is small, as long as intent is there, impact will come.

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