Let’s Create Opportunities

Let’s Create Opportunities


As we grow up and start earning, life seems like a soothing wind. We start taking very good care of ourselves and our family, a sense of satisfaction starts sinking in. Some of us are driven by money, some by position and some by both. The motivation to progress in life is reflected according to the Maslow’s need pyramid. There are many other theories that explain motivation, however, Maslow’s need pyramid covers a basic pattern.

Maslow’s Need Pyramid


People who are either in bottom of the pyramid or on the top of it seem to have less dissonance in their personality in comparison to those who are in between. People who want to reach the self actualization stage but haven’t reach there yet, when they observe plight of people who are even struggling to satisfy their basic needs start to develop a major dissonance in their personality. Yes, these are the people who care for social upliftment but most of the time find themselves in ahelpless situation; They have the intent to help the needy but lack resources. They pay their taxes but are constantly made to feel that their taxed income is not being utilized properly. Corruption, substandard people in politics, and widespread inequality forces them to the state of helplessness. It creates heavy dissonance and in turn affects their growth.

Helplessness  is a energy that if not channelized properly can be detrimental to not only the individual’s growth but also creates negativity around him or her. An obvious question people in this state ask – “What to do? What can I do? I am already sharing my income tax, why things are not changing, why inequality is not being addressed with the pace it should have been, why people need to struggle even for basic needs like food, water, and shelter?”

Yes, these are difficult questions to answer and in search of answers people get associated with NGOs, help the needy and do their micro bit. But, imagine if there is a transparent and scalable system through which people can channelize their  tapped energy without incurring any financial burden, well then helplessness can trigger an opportunity. An opportunity where all people are able to contribute directly to bring down inequality. Helplessness also contributes to frustration, once we channelize it other parameters such as violence, crime, hatred etc can also be controlled to a great extent.

We welcome you and your thoughts to create a system that can channelize helplessness to an opportunity and create a better world for everyone.

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