Manipulations Vs Serving

Manipulations Vs Serving

More than 90% of people prefer to take advice from family & friends or follow reviews from people before making a purchase. Trust on paid advertisements is going down day by day. In these scenario how justified it is to keep investing more paid advertisements?

I strongly believe time has come when brands need to look beyond product or service they provide as customers are looking at them for more. Customers want to connect with brands at emotion level. Brands need to create such avenues to ignite those emotion level engagements.

Manipulations through deals & discounts can win a quarter but engaging customers at emotion level & innovations can win decades. Whole perspective of advertising needs to be changed from influencing the purchase decision of customers through manipulations to helping the customers makes purchases. At each and every touch points brands should positions themselves as helping hands with servicing mindsets. Bombarding non personalized messages and ads will not only alienate prospects from brands about also decreases sales.

Now, question comes how brands can engage customers at emotion level. I am listing down few points that could be helpful.

  1. No un-necessary message to prospects
  2. Every touch point is to be considered as an opportunity to serve rather than opportunity to influence
  3. Delightful customer experience when customers visit brand stores
  4. Let each purchase become vote for customers to support causes as per the brand’s purpose & objectives. This will help engage customers with brand personality & brand’s purpose.
  5. Capture customers feedback regularly and act fast to resolve issues, if there are any
  6. Move beyond motivating employees, employees need to be inspired by brand’s purpose to bring out more that 100% productivity. Happy & inspired employees will automatically ensure delightful customer experience.
  7. Sustainability of resources can no longer be ignored. Brands need to invest on sustainability efforts and engage customers & employees actively around those efforts.
  8. Stop considering customers & prospects as targets, consider them as people with emotions and aspirations
  9. Customers love exciting offers provided they are delivered at right time, right place to right customers. Focus on personalized services.
  10. Build community of customers around brand’s purpose.

Today, customers are very much aware of social & environmental issues. They are living in hyperconnected world. Any lack of authenticity & transparency will pull your brand down in no time. being purpose is driven is not an option any more. Purpose driven doesn’t mean to support a social cause only. It could be anything that helps make lives of people better. But certainly profit can not be purpose of brand’s existence.

Those leaders are driving businesses with only profit mindset can be compared with individuals who are living to eat food only. Whole paradigm shift from profit to purpose is need to survive & thrive in the hyperconnected but purpose economy.

Hope you liked the thoughts — Global Impact Network

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