What is Global Impact Network — Sociocharge

What is Global Impact Network — Sociocharge

Sooner or later individuals understand that they don’t exist just to eat, they have some higher order purpose in their lives. They have something that can help them realise their full potential, bring bliss in their lives and create positive change in the world.

Similarly organizations do realise their purposes beyond making & selling products/services. Yes, every business that exist has to have profit to sustain operations and drive growth. However, profit can not be a reason for their existence. It is the driver that helps them execute their purposes. Businesses that are still working with profit driven approach will find it very difficult to survive in times to come, as consumers expectations from businesses are changing. Consumers want businesses to provide best in quality products & services derived from sustainable business operations. Consumers want businesses to play active role in various social issues. Consumers want to engage with businesses that share purpose with theirs. Consumers want buying to make an impact.

What is that PURPOSE? Purpose is very reason of existence. Different people and different organziations can have different purposes. There are many purpose driven organizations in the world that prove that being purpose driven is in the best interest of all stakeholders. For instance Whole Foods, Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, TATA, Wallmart, Unlever, P&G, Infosys, Patagonia, SouthWestAirlines, Virgin Airlines and Amul etc. have consistently proved that being purpose driven makes strongest business sense too.

However, if this is that straight forward then why many organizations are blind on profit driven approach. Why they still consider employees as machines instead of living being?, why focus is always on short term? Why sustainability is a compliance exercise? Why authenticity is missing? Why manipulations are the major parts of marketing? Reasons very-very simple. Lack of purpose driven leaders, misaligned incentive structures & lack of transparency that result in poor employees engagement and hence affects profit too. Again question come why even well qualified individuals fail to become purpose driven leaders? Roots of this problem lies in educational system where values are not driving seat. Exploitation of resources to maximise the shareholders return are still at the forefront of curriculum of many universities and colleges.

This should not go like this forever, as we are already facing existential threats. We also know it can not be changed over night. However, there is always hope. There are many people in the world who wish make postive change, there are many oranizations in the world that exist to bring positive change, there are many people in the world who are experts in deriving positive change through innovative impact enterprises. We have a hope that if we built a network wherein such people and organizations around the world can be connected to help each other making impact stronger.

Bonding that comes out of shared purposes between people and organizations or amongst the people is the strongest force to bring positive change in the world. Boding basis professional status or basis social standing come secondary in comparison to purpose driven bonding. Today, we need to strengthen network of purpose driven people and organizations to help solve world’s most pressing challenges & existential threats.

Sociocharge is Global Impact Network from India to facilitate positive change around the world. Our DNA is to bring positive change. It is the network of

  1. Communities — Mentors, experts, professionals, startup founders, investors and other people.
  2. For profit, purpose driven organizations
  3. Not for profit, purpose driven organizations

Join today at Sociocharge.com and help make this planet better for coming generations through whatever you have to offer.

We would be happy to have your comments and feedbacks to make this platform better and more effective.

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