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Lithion Power is India's largest ‘Battery-as-a-Service’ operator, providing IoT enabled smart lithium-ion battery packs for three-wheelers (predominantly e-rickshaws) and e-bikes. We provide power to electric vehicles (EVs) by battery swap and have a network of Lithion Swapping Points (LSPs) across North India. Our customers drive to an LSP and get back to the road with a charged battery in less than 5 minutes.

Our innovative business model focusing on "battery swap" mechanism vs creating "charging infrastructure" makes it a capital-light model offering faster service turnarounds & higher vehicle utilization. We are commercially live since Feb-2018 in Delhi NCR and making some revenues. Our plan now is to build strategic partnerships with large industry players (EV OEMs, fleet managers, smart cities transport operators, etc.) on a non-exclusive basis thereby creating an ecosystem for the whole EV industry

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