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Swasthu is conceptualised by aiims alumni dr. who has worked closely with the patient for a long period of time where as mentioned competing technology is made by non medical professionals. - healthcare and wellness education content is made available in english, hindi and regional languages. - in competing technology, there is allopathy stream of dr.whereas we aim to add multiple streams to provide comprehensive treatment to our customers. - customisable add on modules like health
wallet, medicine alarm, vaccination alarm,period tracker, pregnancy informer and balanced diet calculator are available only on our platform.


there is a technological advancement in every sector of life but there is little done in healthcare sector. -healthcare sector which is very complex and changing field and lacking of entrepreneurship education among medical professionals make this domain less penetrative to technological advancement like ai ,ml and blockchain technology. -there is no uniform distribution of healthcare information among masses,we have come to conclusion after spending more than 16 years in this domain. -specialised
doctors (including myself) prefer to stay in tier 1 metro resulting in disproportionate treatment of the public at large.

Social Impact

This app is for following people

1- working professional -those who are working and are entangled in a tight schedule. talking with a specialist with their home
comfort increases both the ease of getting treatment as well as not to loose out time in getting physical appointment.
2-elderly people- its a boon for the geraitric patients, considering the fact that their dependency on earning member of the family especially when there's recurring need for a specialist.
3- people new in the city. 4- people residing in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
5- people needing a second/expert opinion for their disease.


  • vivek tripathi May 12, 2021


    Appreciate your purpose Dr. that rural community is not getting healthcare as 78% Doc are taking care of 26%population. How can we take it to last mile where only digital interface has low adoption and belief. Sincerely appreciate the effort

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