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We organo India work on EFGH model , Where ‘E’ stands for Ecology, now we together with farmers we
pledged not to use pinch of chemical fertilizers to stay intact Soil,Air, water.
‘F’ stands for farmers, where main focus is to empower farmers with the latest technology & trends
enhance their standard of living and make feel them they holds prestigious position in society.
‘GH’ stands for goodness of health, where we envisioned that to feed & make accessible organic food to
everyone, now we working in bringing organic produce from the across the corner of India and
distribute it in India for the betterment of people health.

Vision: One day Lac acres of land will be organic.
One Day Millions of People can access Organic easily.
To Serve Mother earth & Environment and make earth happy place to Live.

Mission: Sticking to core of stringent quality practices controlling all the parameters at each and
every stage of cultivation, processing and packaging of organic produce. We are committed to
contribute to organic agriculture, Farmers, Consumers and eventually environment at big level.
We are committed to promote sustainable livelihoods for small and marginal farmers, Follow
transparent & fair trade practices with all stakeholders – The Farmers and The Consumers.


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