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Ventona Healthtech Pvt. Ltd.

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About Ventona Healthtech Pvt. Ltd.

Realising that there will never be enough doctors to treat patients in India individually, our aim is to change the healthcare system from an individualized curative model, to a community based preventive healthcare system to ensure holistic well being of communities.
Today Rural India, with high burden of non-communicable diseases (apart from other vector borne diseases and chronic ailments) faces critical shortage of health workers and MBBS Doctors that poses significant challenge in rural healthcare delivery. India ranks 145 among 195 counties (as per 2018-19 data) in healthcare index and India’s healthcare access and quality (HAQ) index is 44.8, lagging behind neighbouring countries like China, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and Bhutan. India has ranked 131 out of 188 countries in 2018 human development index (HDI) ranking.
Various Govt. reports and statistics reveal the consistent deficit of health workers across the rural terrains, where each Doctor is estimated to serve a community averaging nearly 20,000+ people (@ 44,000 doctors for 830+ million people). Even with an overall ratio of 1: 921 of ‘medical practitioner : patients’ in India as on December 2017, regular-and-continued availability of MBBS Doctors are still a challenge where majorly the medical practitioner fraternity is comprised of unani, ayurveda and homeopathy. This gap in services is attributed to lack of training, recruitment of health workers at Block and Panchayat levels and availability of point-of-care equipments and devices at the different health centres run by the state Govts. or NGOs. Even collaborative efforts where solutions are implemented have been in silos rather than a holistic community driven initiative.
Ventona HealthTech (VHT) has embarked on a social mission to address the above segment in a sincere endeavour to augment rural public health in a collaborative manner through community initiatives wherein the healthcare service delivery model would be primarily through Village Level Healthcare Entrepreneurs (VLHE).
Ventona’s disruptive technology-oriented-healthcare services are aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 2030 initiative) of United Nations such that, they would create a sustainable preventive health ecosystem and reduce the load on tertiary care, thereby reducing the spiraling year-on-year health budget of the Govt. Thus these Services would like to induce social & behavioural change, alter their care seeking behaviour and mobilize the community towards better and healthy living.
VHT has introduced a unique concept kit called "CliniKnow", a clinic can be organised at anytime and anywhere. This has got some important PoC devices bundled with a HIPAA complied "Ventona-MDConsults Tele-medicine platform" and digital stethoscope to send auscultation sounds of remote patients to a doctor for clinical evaluation, the Tele-medicine platform consumed very low internet bandwidths and easy to use by any village level health entrepreneur (VLHE).


Social Impact

• Improvement of community healthy indicators & curative approach to wellness.
• Generate livelihoods
• Women empowerment
• Real time patient tracking & monitoring will help timely escalation.
• Increase the productivity of the community, that lead to increase in their wages.
• Building the trust factor.
• Early detection of ailments.
• Systematic & periodic health monitoring of patients with chronic diseases, like high BP , sugar , asthma etc
• Reduction of MMR & IMR.
• Will Increase the number of institutional delivery in the region.
• Change in holistic health behavior in the region towards quality life.
• Will increase the visibility of CSR brand to a great extent.
• Specialised care to improve access to critical care at reduced costs & distance
• Awareness building initiatives to improve the care seeking behaviour and provide long term health benefits
• Dietary counselling to induce improved awareness about dietary needs resulting in healthy children & individuals in the community


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  • Hemant Shrivastava May 12, 2019

    Founder, Sociocharge

    This is very much needed. Has it started operations?

  • Sandip Datta Jul 06, 2019

    Yes. It has already started impacting lives, pls connect us for more details @9903920224... thank you for supporting us...

  • Hemant Shrivastava Jul 11, 2019

    Founder, Sociocharge

    This is wonderful. Connect at [email protected] with your challenges, we might be able to help

  • Hemant Shrivastava Sep 04, 2019

    Founder, Sociocharge

    Explore and Omidyar network

  • Aman Bandvi May 16, 2021

    Proponent of Conscious Capitalism, Actively working to create Brand Trust Index. Convenes Purpose Accountability Group to work with brands to align purpose to their messaging, visibility and engagement practices.

    Kindly share a brief with us, we would like to know more. Thanks

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