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About www.shikshaabhiyan.com

ShikshaAbhiyan strives to provide quality education to everyone regardless of their socio-economic background. The educational sector has also significantly shifted from the mundane pen and paper days to an era that is technologically and digitally based. Education should not be limited to mugging facts or passive classroom settings.
Thus, we at ShikshaAbhiyan offer a comfortable, productive and interactive environment which aims at engaging students in all facets of education. We focus on the holistic nature of all learners ensuring that we take care of their individual wants and needs.
Through our mentoring, guidance and assistance students will be able to uncover their own unique personalities, gain new confidence and obtain quality education which will empower them with the necessary tools to achieve success for life.
We offer online coaching, online academic tests and extra educational material for CBSE students from Classes 9 to 12. Additionally, our Psychometric Tests are initiatives aimed at providing comprehensive education to help individuals identify their true potential.

Salient Features:

• Audio video lecturers: Students can benefit from our host of audio video lectures which provides them a comprehensive understanding of the subject as well as facilitates the visual coginitivity of an individual helping him retain more knowledge compared to a normal classroom environment. Our audio video content is not only limited to a few concepts of the subject but covers the entire syllabus along with NCERT and Extra solved questions and Sample Papers which is available 24*7 for students to be accessed from anywhere just at the touch of a button.

• Well planned and detailed assessments to track students’ progress: Studying is as important as assessments. We want students as well as parents to get value for money and that is why we want both of them to gauge their progress real time as well as using our advanced and interactive assessment modules which would provide them statistical reports of subject and topic wise understanding of the course undertaken.

• Additional psychometric tests made available to students: Studying is vital for an individual however the focus is not only at educational excellence but also at the holistic development of the personality. Owing to that we have various psychometric tests in place which help students and parents understand and realize the personality attributes that are present in an individual and helps them in the direction for assessing their aptitude and recognizing their training needs.


Social Impact

We want to bring education within the reach of every student who has the need for it. Carrying this noble goal through this time, we have ventured into the world of education to bring a change in the lives of many students who wish seek it but are unable due to various reasons. Our goal is simple yet huge towards the society that we are thriving in. It becomes our duty to give back to what has nurtured us while uplifting it from the very basic stages.
Our program can benefit both teachers as well as students at a mass level to propel towards this goal in education which is easy to acquire and much easier to retain with our efforts.

We the team of Shiksha Abhiyan would like to contribute and help in this endeavour of enducation by offering our services and expertise in the area of online education. We have over half a decade of experience in making such content and language is not a barrier for us provided an opportunity. Our idea is to create a better nation with strong and sharp minds which promote innovation and clarity. To achieve this goal, we have put in our hearts and minds in this venture which will benefit one and all.


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