Concept Case Studies

TELUS - We give where we live

Enables consumers to contribute towards the cause of education of under-privileged children through simple brand choices
  • Objective : Increase Sales
  • Target : Cable television households
  • Offer : $100 donated to community charity (local) when consumer purchase qualifying services
  • Impact
    • Sales were 46% above the forecast
    • Acquired 38,690 new customers in 2010
    • Contributed to local charities $3.86M
    • Provided tangible contribution that customer can see and benefit from

P&G Shiksha program : 2005 - Padhega India. Badhega India

Enables consumers to contribute towards the cause of education of under-privileged children through simple brand choices
  • Objective : Support education for under-privileged children ( Increase sales)
  • Target : Consumers of P&G products
  • Offer : Portion of purchase of selected P&G products for a quarter in a year to be given for the cause
  • Impact
    • 280,000 underprivileged children accessed their right to education
    • Supported 140 schools across India
    • Contribution of over INR 22 Cr

Nihar Shanti Amla -Oil: 2012 – Chotte Kadam Pragati ki Aur

Enables consumers to contribute towards the cause of education by simple act of brand choice
  • Objective : Support education for children ( Increase sales)
  • Target : Consumers hair oil
  • Offer : 5% of profit proceed from sale of Nihar Shanti Amla oil shall go for the cause of education
  • Impact
    • 36058 children accessed their right to education
    • Supported 19 projects across 10 states in India
    • Volume growth has been 28-29%

P&G Pampers - 2008 : 1 pack 1 vaccine

  • Objective : Eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus (Increasing sales)
  • Target : Consumers purchasing diapers
  • Offer : Each purchase of designated packages of pampers triggers a donation funding a vaccination
  • Impact
    • Impressive and sustained gain in sales
    • In UK $2.5 M raised in 2010
    • In Germany, in 2009, study of purchase intent showed a 29% lift among consumers who were aware of campaign
    • By September, 2011 program provided funding for more than 300M vaccines , enough to protect 100M mothers and their babies.
    • At the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative, P & G committed to continue to its work with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by 2015.

General Mills - 2011- Box Tops For Education ( One of America's best school fund raising program)

  • Objective :Funding for K-8 schools ( Increasing sales)
  • Target Audience : Parents, Teachers, and other consumers who care about kids in school grades K-8
  • Offer : 10 cents donated to consumers’ selected school on each purchase
  • Impact
    • $400M raised for 90,000 schools between 1996 and 2011
    • 51% program participants stay more loyal than others
    • 27% said that program influenced them to switch brand
    • Greater support from retailers in terms of shelf space

Kraft Food : 2010, Huddle to fight hunger

  • Objective : Increase sale
  • Target : Grocery shoppers
  • Offers : Meals donated in response to numerous purchase, online, and other activities
  • Impact
    • 21M meals for feeding America’s national network of food banks
    • Healthy sales and brand equity growth for Kraft Foods, North America’s largest food manufacturer
    • Organic revenue gain more than 4% in Q4, 2010
    • Awareness of craft as a company combating hunger increased 55% from December 2009 to December 2010
    • For many online aspects of the program, Kraft enables consumers to input their zip codes to direct donations to their local food banks – this was well appreciated

BATA India: Barellina project : 2018, Empower the girl child

  • Objective : Empower the girl child (about 1,35,000, 11 states), Increase sale
  • Target : Shoppers of Barellinas
  • Offers : BATA will contribute INR 65 for the cause on each sale of Barellina
  • Impact
    • This is for a year. Impact yet to be seen

TOMS Shoes : Providing shoes to needy children with the support of various organization

  • Objective : Providing shoes to children in need (Increase sale)
  • Target : Shoppers of TOMS Shoes
  • Offers : A pair of shoes is given to a child in need
  • Impact
    • In just 4 years TOMS Shoes started selling more than million pairs of shoes.
    • Key to its success was core cause related marketing offer
    • Advertising support through various media

SUBARU – 2008 – Share the love

  • Objective : Increase sale by supporting the cause customers care about
  • Target : Car buyers
  • Offer : $250 divided by among participating charities according to qualifying buyer’s preferences
  • Impact
    • Between 2008 and 2010, ‘share the love’ raised almost $15M for charity and boosted SUBARU’s sales significantly
    • Subaru owners love to give back and customers encouraged Subaru to create this event
    • Sales increased 16.3% during the event compared with 5.3% for the industry
    • 35% of first time buyers reported that their perception of the brand was more positive as a result of the event. It was more efficient then traditional incentives
    • Media coverage. Subaru also leveraged Facebook to engage customers in selecting in one of the participating charities. SUBARU’s Facebook community doubled from 79,796 likes to 181,164 likes