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About Godphraim Integrated Services, Nigeria

Working Since: 2015 | Registration Number: MK7228

The organization has an IT (Information Technology) training institute and entrepreneurship development center which is established and is currently offering technical certificate for trained students who wish to acquire new edge in information technology. First hand training and practical skills are given to them to enable them handle IT problems in there various areas as schools, business and offices at minimum cost. Also, as an organization that consider research as one of the key for business performance, a printing press is considered necessary and to be established that will handle publication of research materials by Godphraim journal called Godphraim Journal of Enterprise and Innovation Sciences and The Godphraim Voice.
As lover of research and education, Godphraim Integrated Services made second plan which will be research and education for all. The education plan will be executed by establishing a Technical Secondary School at the secondary or O’ level of education, and an Institute of Technology at the higher level of education immediately fund are available for the project. This will collaborate with the idea of the Godphraim Journal for research purposes and will form the base factor for the establishment of the journal. Investment in real estate, property investment and precious objects like gold and diamond for control of inflation and currency fluctuation is also considered necessary as a financial plan to keep the organization awake during bad economic times.

Humanitarian and Volunteer Works:

The founder of the organization consider humanitarian and volunteer services as a way of given back to the society and also happy when involve in such. Currently the organization offer free training to less privilege students (schooling at both primary, secondary and tertiary institutions) who are truly unable to pay their way to get IT training. Nowadays, IT is considered very important for economic growth and development, creating lots of opportunities to many youths in the world. However, the literacy level in Nigeria is somewhat especially in local communities. The organization is doing its best (through its IT for all program) to empower less privilege youths with quality IT training. It is with this reason that the organization considers it necessary to partner and collaborate with you and requests your extension of hands by supporting and assisting to equip the entrepreneurship development center in Makurdi, Benue state so that this program will continue at large scale. This will also enable you have international branch in Nigeria which will laud IT training for less privilege and youths and you know, the best asset to give to someone is knowledge.
Thanks for your concern.


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