Hunger and Malnutrition Relief Fund Foundation (HMRFF)

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About Hunger and Malnutrition Relief Fund Foundation (HMRFF)

Working Since: 2018 | Registration Number: 1666

HMRFF mission is to build a movement of Young Generation whose actions will help to eliminate the Hunger cause.
Hunger and Malnutrition Relief fund foundation (HMRFF) is registered as public trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882.

Key Strategies to Achieve Goals by HMRFF:
A key element in our work will be fostering partnerships with Community Based Organizations, NGOs and other vulnerable group at state and district levels creating a bond with their community leaders. The partnerships and networks formed at these levels help more people through grassroots organization.
• Raise Awareness about most affected area of malnutrition and Hunger
• Collaboration with NGOs to make national campaign
• Empower young people to take concrete action against Hunger
• Engage Celebrities, businesses, media and organizations to form their own response to malnutrition
• Fundraising for cause and establish food banks on most vulnerable community/area

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