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About Light Foundation Nagpur

Working Since: 2013 | Registration Number: . E – 2728 (N)

Objective - Rural Development are core objectives
Rural Entrepreneurship and Industrialization
Environment Protection
Clean Energy Conservation
Education with high Human Value
Healthcare – Access to all rural
Rural Infrastructure Building
Use of Technology in Agriculture
Promotion of Organic Farming
Poverty Eradication
Women Empowerment

To have rural villages in India move out of poverty and become self sustaining using clean energy conservation, enterprising of agricultural outputs and potential resources available with their involvement in co-operative movement.

To provide education, guidance, training and financial support to the rural villages to harness the potential of their agricultural, natural resources to transform into rural entrepreneurship and employment to rural population.

To provide support in deploying clean non-conventional energy resources i.e. solar, wind, micro hydroelectric to self-sustain in energy and clean environment using economical resources and fuel products.

To provide support to the children and youth to access quality education using latest technologies – computers and best human value practices through best faculty programs.

To eliminate the causes of health diseases and preventing it through utilization of economical and cost effective resources available in the respective geographic areas.

To support in building infrastructure through PPP and involvement of the rural organizations and co-operative societies to connect with urban populations.

Development Model Base
A more realistic, towards eradication of Poverty, LF aim to visualizes poverty that it in a more human and humane way. It includes the cost of a nutritious diet, healthcare, clothing, etc. We aim to included those items that cannot be described monetarily – such as access to water, housing, education, etc. TLF will help rural India to tap the potential and improve their lives.

A person is poor in India if he or she has does not have access to either drinking water; proper shelter; sanitation; quality secondary education; or an all-weather road with public transport. TLF is strive to work for the village population to transform their potential into rural industrialization with the help of self help groups and volunteers to provide all these basic amenities.

To work along with the rural women, youth to generate and enhance income significantly and become change agents in the respective geographical region.

To stop migration of rural youth to urban by providing them opportunities in their own area through rural entrepreneurship and employment.


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  • vivek tripathi Mar 26, 2019


    Connect with PURE NGO in jaipur ,similar lines

  • vivek tripathi Apr 03, 2019


    Connect to nudge grant

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