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About Foundation for Advancement of Micro Enterprises-FAME

Working Since: 2019 | Registration Number: AAAA

In FAME, We realize that Micro enterprises are the key for unlocking the demographic dividend of India and therefore we need to promote small business and micro enterprises especially among the youth and women in rural areas.

For this purpose, FAME is supporting and promoting various micro enterprises clusters in sectors like Dairy, Footwear and Sports.

FAME identifies the cluster of micro enterprises and helps them in formation of groups in an organized manner. Members are on boarded after an enrolment process and specific interventions are planned and executed along with the community participation. Fame Staff along with the community members works on improving their business and financial skills, production, quality improvement, adoption of new technology, linkages to relevant Government schemes and marketing of their products.

Under the dairy cluster interventions, expert doctors are involved who conducts regular awareness camps on issues like dairy development, feed and nutrition, dairy diseases and health care, sanitation and hygiene. The doctors also conducts regular treatment and vaccination camps for the better health of the cattle. FAME has developed a unique Dairy App which helps the dairy farmers in digital livestock management, recording cattle and cattle wise milk productivity, track breeding and vaccination schedules, monitor dry and milking period, record income and expenses and generate various profit and loss reports. For the first time dairy farmers are using app based technology for their livestock management. FAME has also helped the dairy farmers in value addition through production of milk products like Ghee and Peda which are being successfully marketed in urban areas, thus increasing alternate income generation opportunities for the women dairy farmers.

Similarly for footwear and sports clusters, FAME has developed partnerships with Government institutions like Central Footwear Research Institute(CFTI) Agra for footwear training and Process and Product Development Centre(PPDC), Meerut for sports artisans training respectively.

Altogether, FAME is impacting the lives of more than 10,000 micro enterprises under the project.


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