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Working Since: 2012 | Registration Number: S 748412

In the last 8 years, we have worked with over 1800+ govt schools and 184 remote & underprivileged communities across 22 districts of 11 states. We have directly served 7 Lakh students and 11,750 teachers through our various intervention programs and solutions.

We are currently catering to govt schools in four vernacular languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada; apart from English and one minor intervention in Telugu. We have the capability to adapt to a new language within 3 months of lead time.


1) PROJECT UTKARSH: A mission to bring qualitative changes in Government schools’ education through technology, innovation, intervention and infrastructure improvement. The program has 3 implementation variants as below:

QuizAcademy enabled Smart-class and e-learning initiative for Government Schools leveraging existing ICT infrastructure and human resources.

Smart Knowledge Server-based e-learning and Smart-class initiative to deliver curriculum mapped digital learning content to students in local language without internet dependency featured with enhanced intervention, remote monitoring in no internet zone, multi-media & multilingual content and asset tracking of ICT infrastructure.

Model Schools:
Initiative for transforming Government schools into model schools by improving physical infrastructure for a healthy & playful learning environment, creating a smart learning ecosystem through digital infrastructure and providing enhanced teaching-learning experience through innovative & engaging intervention.


Offline Community E-libraries:
An initiative for digital empowerment of the community through last-mile delivery of e-Governance solutions and digital content with no dependency on the internet (e-Gyankendra,e-Mitan, e-Vidyakendra, Gyanganga).

Community Learning Centres:
CLCs help in building a strong ecosystem for eLearning, DIY tinkering, robotics, Library, self-study and many impact interventions including socially relevant programs like financial literacy, digital literacy etc. eLearning Lab is equipped with computers or tablets, local wifi based smart knowledge server with offline content, smart-class. Content is very rich in variety and includes Curriculum-mapped videos, Simulations, typing tutor, coding games etc.

An initiative to provide a mobile smart class with technical tools to support classroom teaching. The initiative is designed for schools in remote areas and works without any dependency on electricity and the internet.

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