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About Moksha Old Age Home

Working Since: 2009 | Registration Number: 0069

Moksha Old Age Home came into reality in the shape of Moksha Ashram in a rented house located behind Old Nabh Chor office at Dabra Chowk on 09.06.2008. Now Ashram is situated at 8th Km, Kaimri Road, Near Radha Swami Ashram, Hisar, Haryana. Ashram has a beautiful building spread over 1000 yards surrounded by tall and green trees. You can enjoy perfect calmness of Nature, where you are not disturbed by the sounds of modern life, but feel relaxed and related by the music of Nature. We provide an enjoyable living environment for our residents and we take pride in what we do. There are twenty four rooms and three dormitories in the ashram. Two Dormitory having eight capacities. One big dormitory with sixteen bed capacity. Each room has an attached bathroom. Six rooms are on ground floor and twelve rooms are at first floor. Four rooms on second floor. All rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and coolers. During electricity break down, backup with Inverters and solar system with 10 KVA is available.
Moksha Old Age Home is very much proximate to Nature and its resources; we have water harvesting system and solar system for winter.
A Satsang Bhawan (Prayer and Meditation hall) was built in the center of the building where persons of every faith pray. It has been tastefully decorated with portraits of great Saints, Rishies (Rishi is one who has seen(darshan) the spiritual truth), Thinkers and Philosophers of India. A chart displaying the essence of Gita is fixed on the wall. Each day starts with Satsang in the Satsang Bhawan and persons of all faiths can join.

The residents are provided with nutritious food, medical aid and other needs. We provide the facilities for relaxation and recreation, attend to their spiritual needs, and at the end, prepare them for a peaceful death. Thus they have a feeling of wantedness, belongingness, self- worth and dignity. Daily news papers and some magazines are subscribed to acquaint the Ashram Vasis with the local, national and international news and the events which are happening around them. A L.E.D is available for their entertainment. Completed Building is equipped with music system and CCTV Camera. Card, Chess, Carom Board games have been provided so that residents can pass time easily.

At present, there are seventy two residents at Ashram including 35 women. All basic facilities have been provided to Ashram Vasis. In 72 senior citizens four are blind, 16 are in bed completely and 25 are semi paralyzed i.e. they can only move bed to bathroom.

The main feature of the Ashram is the availability of Medical Aid without any delay. Sh. Vijay Bhrigu, founder and president of Moksha Old Age Home being in medical field has sound knowledge of medicines. He keeps all required medicines and gives them as per physician’s prescription.

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