Medical Camp for Rural Children

Proposed by: Human Welfare Charitable Trust

Causes: Health Care,Women,Children,Poverty

Status: Open


We are seeking for network partnerships for the noble cause to do the blood check-up camp for the students of the Rural villages, Near Mumbai. We are looking out for some support and partnership for this project. Human Welfare Charitable Trust (HWCT), is a non-profit organization registered in Mumbai in the year 2015 under Public Trust Act, 1950 with 80G Certification. Founded in 2015, HWCT focuses on Education, Skill Developments amongst children, youth and women in Mumbai & Rural Maharashtra. HWCT is working by supporting over 17 schools with integration of right education system implementation program, skills programs, enabling the children to lay their foundation of a progressive future. We leverage our long-standing partnerships, dedicated schools and skill resources to build community-driven solutions, spark life-changing innovations and elevate ideas with the help of individuals & social groups in the communities around the area of our work. Maharashtra contributes to about 20% death of children and most of these fatalities occur due to non diagnosed ailments, which could had been avoided if teh blood checks would had been done. We cannot debate what is done, but we can act and avoid for what is not done!

Justification for the need of the project

It is observed that, there is severe lack of knowledge concerning the importance for health and attention towards the nutrition deficiency amongst the children aged from 8 till 22. The parents of these children are farmers or daily wage workers who belong to low-income group. Due to always in cash constrained situations, it often keeps them away from medical need for their young children. This is affecting the children with mal-nourished health, leading to deadly deceases often fatal. HWCT is taking initiatives to assist the children timely on case to case basis. HWCT is proposing the following camps and shall seek your humane support towards this social cause. (Estimated children - 1500 approx) Per batch 300 approx. 1) Blood Check Camp. 2) Nutrition program for the affected children. Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond our own operations. Your help will enable us taking action to make the children healthier—finding partners, change advocates and fellow visionaries to help us unlock change at the rate and scale needed to make better health a reality for the most needy low-income groups.

Total Investment of the project Rs.500000

Fund Needed Rs.460000

Partially Funded Yes

Part of fund

Title Amount
Private Donors 40000

Proposed use of fund

Title Amount
Medical Camp for Rural 500000

Duration: 12 Months months

Location: Mumbai-Maharashtra,India

Impact Metric:

Name Qty Duration
Medical Camp 1500 12 months
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