Who are solvers at Sociocharge?
Anyone who is passionate to solve problems is a solver at Sociocharge. You could be a student or a professional or maybe an indepedent consultant. At Sociochage you have opporunities to build your solver's profile and earn by solving business problems.
Why should I share my observed problems?
Sharing a real problem to be solved is a great start to make an impact. You find like minded people who share your passion. You earn charge ups too when people vote on your shared problem.
What are charge ups in Sociocharge?
You can considered charge ups action driven credibiity of profile. At Sociocharge we do not have concept of followers. Your actions and community voting on your actions define your profile credibility. More charge ups you get more credible your profile becomes and it unlocks more opprtunities to earn by solving exclusive problems that match your skills & experience.
When you post a problem Sociocharge, community members vote on it (you can say they charge it up) and you earn charge ups. Similarly when you share your idea to solve problems posted by others in the network you have opportunity to earn charge ups when community members charge up your idea/suggestion (comment).
You can post your ideas to solve in comment section of the problem. More charge ups you get on your comment, stronger your profile becomes at Sociocharge.
There are two direct ways for you to earn at Sociocharge. One is through open engagements wherein you earn charges ups and socios. Another is when you solve real business problems of businesses under challenge section. We will also be bringing businesses-led projects for you to solve and you also earn by solving them. At sociocharge your problem solving skilss are rewarded.
At Sociocharge you have your human side of your profile. What you care, what you stand for, what SDGs you support and what skills you have to solve problems are reflected in your profile. You build your community at Sociocharge on Shared purpose.
Explore Purpose360 in the Impact Lab. This is a unique experiential learning & shaping for aspiring founders.
Yes, avail ecosystem-led business incubation-cum-acceleration support. Explore Impact Lab for details.
Explore Impact Lab for multiple benefits that you can avail. Ecosystem-led business incubation-cum-acceleration support is right fit for early stage startups.
At present only organisations can post such problem statement. Your organisation could be a corporate, an NGO, a Government department or a startup.
Organisations interested in posting their problme statements can do so by creating a organisation profile at Sociocharge. All problems submitted are reviewed and approved by the Sociocharge team before making them live. This is a paid proposition for that organisations pay paltform fee. If you are interested in posting your organisation's problems, you can also reach out to us at conect[at]sociocharge[dot]com and we shall be happy to assist.

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