Campus Entrepreneurship Lab
A dedicated phygital lab for progressive campuses to assist them become a hub for innovation & entrepreneurship.
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In the current scenario, the existing campus based e-cells offer a very short term exposure to students. This does not produce meaningful outcomes because the programme lacks continuity. Campus Entrepreneurship Lab allows students to experience entrepreneurship in a risk-free environment before they start their own enterprise. Explore how we can help transform your campus into a hub for innovation & entrepreneurship.

Idea Generation | Internships | Challenges | Tech Development | Business Incubation | Live Projects | Purpose360
Idea Generation

Campus Entrepreneurship Lab allows students to propose innovative ideas in finding solutions to problems. Through regular brainstorming sessions and free discussion in the presence of leaders, we help create an ecosystem that helps students distill their ideas and hone critical thinking.

Students work with Startup Founders

A unique opportunity for students to work on live projects as per their passion, skills and goals. Students select their projects from ongoing Impact Lab initiated projects or projects initiated by businesses in the ecosystem, form a team with other students from various campuses and work in a team setting for a minimum duration of 4 weeks. All participating students who complete the project participation get certificates.

Business-led challenges

Young minds work their best when they are challenged through meaningful business-social challenges. Impact Lab brings real life innovation challenges and/or industry validated problems for students to solve so that they develop stronger critical thinking & problem solving abilities. Competition to win awards makes it exciting to all.

Integrated technology development

Business ideas that need technology development need appropriate technology envionment to build protoypes. It is not always easy for all the students in all the campuses to build such an environment wherein technology development can happen smoothly. Lab makes it easy by enabling access to cloud based technology development environment for students. Students directly get into the development without bothering on building the enabling environment for their technology solution. Best suited to campuses as it allows a continuity in the project with the change in the student coders.

Business incubation

Students from campuses can put up their ideas for review in the Impact Lab, receive feedback & guidance from leaders in the ecosystem. All the students from the participating campuses can get their queries addressed related to their ideas.

Startups emerging out from campuses get ecosystem led Business Incubation support. They all get entry into the Impact Lab ecosystem for open networking & connect with other key stakeholders. Active presence of stakeholders such as Mentors, Experts, Investors, AICs/Incubatros makes it effective & convenient for the campuses to support students-led startups from the campuses.
Business leadership | Experts connect | Market access | Investment support

Live projects to co-create solutions to business-social problems

Many businesses are looking for innovative ideas/solutions to solve their business-social problems. CEL enables campuses to collaborate with corporates on research & product development. CEL enables students to participate and work with businesses to solve these challenges. This helps build meaningful relationships between corporates and campus, paving the way for brighter job prospects for graduates.
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Many students have wonderful business ideas and aspire to start their own. However, due to lack of mentorship and support their ideas never get the opportunity to take off. Purpose360 attempts to provide an experiential environment to aspiring founders so that they lead on their ideas confidently. Purpose 360 is a 14 week entrepreneurship leadership experience aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. It streamlines the efforts of students and campuses and increases the success rate of startups born in the campus environment.
Explore more on PURPOSE360

How to join
Campuses subscribe to the Impact Lab.
Impact Lab makes its presence in the campus as Campus Entrepreneurship Lab.
Simple & easy steps

Any campus can join the Impact Lab in the following steps

  1. Join the platform as an organisation for free (Pls use official email ID only)
  2. Impact Lab team assesses the needs and aspirations of the campus
  3. Agree on annual calendar
  4. Campus activation in the ecosystem
More benefits

Campuses with Entrepreneurship Lab get differentiated positioning & visibility.

  1. More number of Startups are expected to emerge from the campuses each year
  2. Campuses find themselves moving up in various rankings year on year
  3. Improved Industry-Academia relationship makes better job prospects for the students
  4. An opportunity to do collaborative research & product development with other institutes & businesses
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Play your part & make a difference
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