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Take purpose aligned actions to lead your life on purpose & make a positive difference.
Success is a measure of how effectively you live your purpose.
Let your purpose glow & flow through you.
Purpose without actions has no meaning.
Explore various actions that you can take to lead on your purpose with Sociocharge
Express your purpose

Sociocharge is a unique platform wherein people and organisations connect on the basis of shared purpose & make a positive difference. There are many ways you can express your purpose & lead on it. Take a start from here.

  • Meet people & organisations sharing your purpose, create your profile.
  • Your learnings and experience can help people who share your purpose. Share your own impact stories that helped you grow.
  • Explore initiatives wherein you find your passion & play your part.

Please make sure you add your Purpose & Profession clearly in your profile.
Play your part to solve pressing challenges through entrepreneurship

Long term & sustainable changes happen when problems are solved through sustainable business solutions. Depending upon your skills, passion & profession you can engage in the Impact Lab and play your role in solving business-social challenges through innovation & entrepeneurship. You could be a - Student | Aspiring founder | Founder/Entrepreneur | Mentor | Expert | Investor.
Explore more on the Impact Lab.

Participate in sharing economy & save the environment

Whatever your purpose is, a clean environment is central to all of us. If we look around there are many unused items lying in our offices & homes. These items are still good to use but we do not use them any longer for various reasons. Either we can throw them out and let landfills grow or we can give them to someone & extend the lives of those items. A small act can help save environment by avoiding unnecessary landfills. There is an easy way out. Just put up what item that is still good to use you are willing to give. Let peole living near your area find and reach out to you through their requests on the platform. You choose who to give and when. When you give you earn giving points too. Explore more.

Discover companies that share your values & aspirations

No matter what you do, you are always a consumer of one thing or another. Is your buying aligned to your purpose? Do you buy products from a company that is not serious on sustainability? Will you be happy to buy products from companies that are not following ethical business practices? Beyond product, price & quality there are more important aspects to look for.
Participate in projects & campaigns initiated by various companies and startups. Encourage companies to take more meaningful initiatives that are truly relevant to the community you live in. Explore more.

Take actions to make the world
you aspire to see & live in

Join the network
Play your part & make a difference
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