Sociocharge for individuals
Discover your passion for a cause & collaborate with like-minded members to create the change you want to see.
Success is a measure of how authentically you live your purpose.
Let your purpose glow & flow through you.
Purpose without actions has no meaning.
Explore various actions that you can take to lead on your purpose with Sociocharge.
Express your purpose

Sociocharge is a unique platform wherein people and organizations connect on the basis of shared purpose & make a positive difference. There are many ways you can express your purpose and chalk your path. Begin your journey at Sociocharge!

  • Meet people & organisations with a shared purpose, create your profile.
  • Your learning and experience are valuable for our network. Share Impact stories of what helped you grow and in turn, learn from network members. We love collaboration!
  • Explore initiatives that arouse your passion and where you can play a part.

Please make sure you add your Purpose & Profession clearly in your profile.
Play your part to solve pressing challenges through entrepreneurship

Long term & sustainable changes happen when problems are solved through sustainable business solutions. Depending upon your skills, passion & profession you can engage in the Impact Lab and progress and advance business-social solutions through innovation & entrepreneurship. You could be a - Student | Aspiring founder | Founder/Entrepreneur | Mentor | Expert | Investor.
Explore more on the Impact Lab.

Participate in sharing economy & save the environment

Whatever we do, a clean environment is imperative to our wellbeing. Everything that has been produced and not utilized extensively is wasteful. Nearly everything can be recycled, reused or repurposed to reduce avoidable environmental cost. If we look around there are many unused items lying in our offices & homes. At Sociocharge, we will help you share what you don't need with the community. You'll be helping a community member and the Earth.This will help everyone reduce their carbon footprint in a smart and effective manner! When you give you earn giving points too. Explore more.

Discover companies that share your values & aspirations

‘Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.’
No matter what you do, you are always a consumer of one thing or another. Is your buying aligned to your purpose? Do you buy products from a company that is not serious on sustainability? Will you be happy to buy products from companies that are not following ethical business practices? Beyond product, price & quality there are more important aspects to look for.
Participate in projects & campaigns initiated by various companies and startups. Become a conscious consumer and be the beginning of change. Encourage companies to take more meaningful initiatives that are truly relevant to the community you live in. Explore more.


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Play your part & make a difference
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