Integrated marketing cum fundraising platform

" We strongly believe that pressing societal and environmental challenges our society is faciing can only be solved through collective efforts.
NGOs are at the front and have critical role to play in the entire value chain.
Technology can extend help bridging the gap between needs (demand) in social sector and support (supply) from brands, people & Govt. "

Key challenges for NGOs


How marketing efforts can be made more efficient and effective to channelize support from businesses, people and governments


Fundraising has always been a challenge for NGOs & this is very critical to meet strategic objectives.

Attracting talent and volunteers

How to make hiring process efficient and how to attract genuine volunteers.

What help platform can render


Bring more visibility through your impact profile on the platform. Engage with followers. Let people talk and share about you. crowdsource your marketing efforts.


Generate fund by participating in cause marketing initiatives from brands. Crowdfunding - everyone one can contribute. CSR support - attract CSR investment through your impact work.

Attracting talent and volunteers

Crowdsource solution for your hiring challenges. Build your credibility stronger with testimonials from people and brands. Connect with people who share passion on cause you work upon

How it works

Our integrated marketing cum fundraising platform is specifically designed to help NGOs in their marketing & fundraising efforts

Impact Profile

Build your impact profile through our DIY platform. Let all know what you stand for, how you work and what help you need.

Connect & Channelize

Let your impact profile be exposed to community, businesses and governments. Build your own community of supporters and followers.


Receive funds collected for you and keep good work at scale. Let all know how their help made impact possible.

It's absolutely free to join, build your impact profile today

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