Impact Lab for founders of early stage startups
Build and grow your venture with the Impact Lab by co-creating solutions to your pressing challenges
Founders leading the early stage startups go through multiple challenges in a resource constraint settings. Impact Lab helps such founders save TIME, EFFORT and MONEY needed to solve some of those challenges by enabling them to tap youth energy, get leadership support and access to the the investors.
Accelerate with the Impact Lab

Ecosystem led actions
Actions synergised on shared purpose always have greater chances of success. Efforts made in silos not only cost much but also take a good amount of precious time. Explore how being in the Impact Lab ecosystem helps your startup venture grow faster in the right direction.

Create a project to solve your business challenge

The early stage of business growth is a cocktail of challenges with all resources severely constrained. Youth energy, leadership support, access to investors this is how we can help you! Creating a project in the impact lab is a unique way of solving existing business challenges wherein founders work with talented youths & leaders to solve the challenges in a stipulated time. Challenges could be in - Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Product management and/or development etc.
Key benefits:

  • Visibilty in the network
  • Business leadership support
  • Team to solve your business challenge
  • The bonus of finding perfect talent to fit in your team!
This is how it works:

  1. Founder submits a business challenge in a project form
  2. Network attracts 2-4 talented youths to join the project
  3. Impact Lab appoints a leader to facilitate the project
  4. Founder works with an extended team for 4-8 weeks
  5. At the end of the project final work is submitted to the founder
Sounds interesting? Click to submit your project.
(This is a paid service & founder will be required to pay a platform fee before project initiation in the Impact Lab. Impact Lab team reviews submitted projects and connect back with founders to guide them on the next steps. Minimum platform fee for early stage startups: INR25,000/- INR20,000/- and taxes for 4 weeks of engagement.)
Business Incubation to accelerate your venture

Business incubation & acceleration are more than just physical facilities.
Ecosystem-led business incubation-cum-acceleration covers the followings -

Purpose | Vision | Mission | Market landscaping | Team | Branding | Marketing | Strategy | Financials | Network connect.
Duration:- 3 Months. (Fortnightly interactions & progress assessment)

You also get the follwoing opportunities:-

  1. Physical incubation opportunity at member incubators
  2. Access to domain experts, mentors & business leaders in the network
  3. Participation in Sociocharge Connect: Members only meetings for founders to solve challenges together, develop synergies and build partnerships.
Join the platform as an Individual and add your venture details under 'My Impact Idea' section to apply. You will be contacted by the team if your idea is found suitable for induction.
Join as an Individual.

(Mentors & Experts in the Impact Lab ecosystem are chosen after a strict curation process on the basis of their capabilities & passion to support entrepreneurs. Platform fee: INR35,000/- INR30,000/- and taxes.)
Access Investors

It is good to have investment but is wonderful to have the right investor. An investor who understands your business vision would make all the difference to your early stage start up. Join the platform as an Individual and add your venture details under 'My Impact Idea' section to apply. Once you add your venture details, Impact Lab team shall reach out to you for a quick discussion to understand your investment readiness & suggest a way forward with the ecosystem. Join as an Individual. Join as an Individual.

(This is a paid service.Investors, Angel and/or VCs in the Impact Lab ecosystem are chosen after a strict curation process on the basis of their investment priorities to put the capital in right ventures.)
Activate your brand purpose

Activate your brand purpose by enabling customer participation on shared initiatives through SAAS based solutions. This is a unique way of establishing a connect with customers at an emotion level. Creating a societal impact for your brand has never been easier. Join Sociocharge to make it visible, tangible & sustainable. Collaborate with other brands, social organizations and leverage shared initiatives. We want you to have customers who not only love your brand but share recommendations for it!Explore more on Purpose connect and reach out to us for more details & demonstration.

How to join
Simple & easy steps
  1. Create profile of your organisation by joining as an organisation
  2. For ecosystem led business leadership, market access, collaborations & investment support
    (Join as an individual founder and add your venture deck under 'My Impact Idea' section.)
  3. Venture deck is enabled in the ecosystem after review from the Impact Lab
    (Only verified mentors, experts & investors can access the details.)
  4. Activation in the ecosystem
Join the network
Play your part & make a difference
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