Impact Lab

Intervention before joining workforce


Many people struggle to Identify their purpose in life and are unable to channelize their talent in right direction. Purpose driven people always make significant contribution to the society. 2/3rd of people end up doing work that they don't enjoy to do. We intend to help people, specifically those who are about to enter in to workforce, Identify, align and execute their purpose. Social Entrepreneurship is an integral part of this.


Reach out to each college/university and engage with students to help them align their passion, caliber and resource engine. Encourage students to come forward and build organizations under purpose economy. Social enterprises and/or conscious capitalism have tremendous potential to bridge the gaps.


Social Entrepreneurship Lab comprises of strong network of aspiring Social Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Experts, Impact Investors, Colleges, Universities and leverage this network to support Social Entrepreneurs across the word so that they can build thriving purpose driven Social Enterprises.

  • Talent is everywhere
  • People want to learn
  • People want to make change
  • People are willing to come forward

Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

  • Learning & orientation
  • Access to well qualified mentors
  • Access to subject experts
  • Network of incubators
  • Network of impact investors
  • Learning from existing social entrepreneurs
  • Learn more about initiatives from Governments

Program Structure

Impact workshops

Impact workshops in campus
Enable Social Entrepreneurship cell in campus
Life time membership under SEL
Certificate of participation
Career guidance


Two projects per campus

Support Identify Opportunity

  • Help shaping business model
  • Help building team
  • Network support - Experts | Mentors | Investors
Idea-Market fit

Help idea validation
Help defining success matrices
Re-adjustment on Business model
Help conducting pilot


Help arranging the seed Capital/Series A form external Sources
Financing from Sociocharge

Scaling the enterprise

Help navigating the challenges of scaling

  • Hemant Shrivastava

    B.Tech (IIT), MBA (Purdue)

    Founder & CEO

  • Arun Pathak

    B.Tech (REC), IBM, USA


  • Vivek Tripathi

    B.Tech, MBA

    Academician, Researcher & Mentor
    Core team @SEL

  • Arjun Sarin

    B.Tech, MBA

    Product Management, TOI
    Core team @SEL

  • Umesh Kumar

    B.Tech (IIT), GMAT 720

    Founder, Urvar Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    Mentor @SEL

  • Prof. Trilok Kumar Jain

    Director, Ecosystem for Innovations & Entrepreneurship at SGVU
    Mentor @SEL

  • Shobha M


    M.Sc. (Biotech),
    Mentor @ SEL

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