Global Impact Network

Connect with people & organisations on &
around shared purpose, play your part.

Sociocharge for Individuals

It is not about your profession, your education or your social status;
it is about your passion, your very reason of existence - your purpose.
Build meaningful relationships with people & organisations on and around shared purpose.
You could be a consumer or a brand owner;
You could be an entrepreneur or an expert/investor.
Play your part with Sociocharge to accelerate positive change.

Sociocharge for Businesses

Consumers prefer to engage with brands that share their values, beliefs & purpose.
Sociocharge helps brands establish deeper connect with their consumers.
Brands amplify their engagements with the community through purpose driven initiatives,
campaigns and make their presence felt in the purpose economy with Sociocharge.

Sociocharge for Campuses

Impact Lab from Sociocharge helps a campus transform itself as a hub of
Innovations & Entrepreneurial actions. Campuses can strengthen their Entrepreneurship Cells
by subscribing to the Impact Entrepreneurship Lab (IEL) from Sociocharge.

Sociocharge for NGOs

Sociocharge helps NGOs open up additional funding channels, amplify
visibility of their actions and enable ecosystem level support for capacity building.

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