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About Initiative

There are multiple interlinked challenges in healthcare value chain in India.

Some of those key challenges are listed here:
1. Limited healthcare practitioners available in rural areas.
2. Lack of access to quality consultancy and treatment opportunity.
3. High travel cost to move to cities for treatment leading to financial , psychological challenges.
4. Limited inventory of drugs in small cities and towns.
5. Dependency on unauthorised/semi-authorised healthcare professionals for treatment.
6. Lack of actual data points on health across geography.

This initiative is to enable & strengthen integrated healthcare management by connecting various stakeholders in healthcare value chain through technology.

Key pointers are as follows:

1. SocioHealthPlus eClinics: Integrated healthcare platform connecting local stakeholders of healthcare managed by a paramedical staff (employed as an owner trained to handle preliminary diagnosis at point including pulse reading, thermometer reading, nebulisation, injection, first aid, etc as per direction of doctor on consultation assisting patient care remotely).
2. AI based applications to predict & diagnose diseases.
3. Integrated emergency response management system.

Interested students, startups, companies, social organisations and research institutions are welcome to connect to work together through this initiative.


    NGOs yet to engage in this initiative.

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  • vivek tripathi 1 Yrs ago


    Healthcare is a fundamental need across geography. The initiative intends to extend quality healthcare solutions for all. Welcome all aligned stakeholders for the purpose to tackle the challenge ,together

  • Aman Bandvi 1 Yrs ago

    Proponent of Conscious Capitalism, Actively working to create Brand Trust Index. Convenes Purpose Accountability Group to work with brands to align purpose to their messaging, visibility and engagement practices.

    The pandemic has exposed the gaps in our healthcare segment, specially work in the rural areas is vital. A concerted approach is required. Lets synergise, work on projects that can solve the challenges.