with founders
The most exciting way to learn is to work with founders and solve their startup challenges in actual team setting.
Business & startups put up their specific business problems in a project format. Students choose from various projects as per their passion, skills and work with respective project leaders.
Exclusively for University Students

How it can be helpful to meet your career/entrepreneurship goals

Step-by-step learning by working on problem statements chosen by the students themselves as per their passion & skill sets. These problem statements are screened & put up in a project form by startups & businesses in the ecosystem. You should consider working on these projects only if you are absolutely certain to learn & experience team working to benefit your future career prospects. Explore live projects before you apply.
Key benefits-

  1. Result oriented engagement
  2. Individual/Team focus
  3. Team working experience
  4. Exposure to product management leadership
  5. Internship certificate
  6. Letter of Recommendation to best performers

Take an early start to sharpen your skills in-

  1. Product Management
  2. Product Design
  3. Technology Development
  4. Product Strategy | Marketing | Branding
  5. Content Leadership

4-8 Weeks | 5-10 Interactive sessions


All selected student interns go through a brief orientation session wherein they get more inputs on ongoing projects, clarify doubts and form teams for respective projects.
Explore live projects.

A Project duration could be 4-8 weeks depending upon the company that initiated the project.
Weekly interactions

All teams present their weekly work every week in a session moderated by a leader in the ecosystem. Each team gets feedback on work done in previous week(s) & guidance for the next level of work.


After completing 4 weeks of work each team submits work on assigned project in a structured format.

Internship certificates are issued to each student within one week of report submission. LORs are issued to only promising & best performers.

Platform fee per project participation for each participant: INR 999/- | First project participation is free.
What students are saying about it

The experience was great and extremely educational in the terms that it helped me branch out and learn more about the field I want to gain experience in while working towards the common cause of Sociocharge. Our aim being that we have to think of innovative ways in our field of experience (Law in my case) to find sustainable ways to preserve the environment and prevent climate change
- Sruthi Jayaprakash, ILS Law College

It was seriously great as I worked upon the problem statement which I had and have a keen interest in resolving. Thank you genuinely for the opportunity, I wish I will again have a chance to work with you and excel my experience.
- Pranav Prashant Dagwar, Doon business school, Dehradun.

It was very good and very much helpful for me , innovative too.
- Arya Mukherjee, RCCIIT.
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