Entrepreneurship experience for
aspiring founders in a risk free environment.
Your Purpose360 is a blended phase wise experiential learning & execution designed to navigate the journey of a founder.
Purpose360 is for

How PURPOSE360 helps you prepare for your venture

PURPOSE360 is a 14 weeks long entrepreneurial leadership learning for aspiring founders to experience entrepreneurship in a risk free environment, spaced in 3 phases. It is fully integrated with global ecosystem & is based on collective experience of leading Founders, Business Mentors, Domain Experts and Investors to let aspiring founders experience the founders' challenges and build a great value startup!
You could be -

  • A University Student, it doesn't matter where & what you study.
  • A youth, it doesn't matter which city or country you belong to.
  • A young working professional, it doesn't matter where and what you work.
If you are really passionate to solve problems through business solutions, let's prepare yourself & build with the integrated global ecosystem.

Three phases
Discover | Experience | Build

Discover your passion | 2 weeks

A start up is meant more than for investment raise and exits, it exists to continuously evolve to solve the identified challenge sustainably. Founders need to be absolutely clear on why they are starting a venture and how their prospective ventures are aligned to who they are as individuals.

In this phase you will use DIY 'Purpose Discovery' framework for self assessment that is followed by virtual interaction with one of the Purpose Leaders from Sociocharge network. It will help you discover your strengths, identify your weak points & learn how to fix them, realise your true passion & find the ways to screen your startup idea as per your passion & skills. This is where you start at an individual level.

After completing this phase, you can expect-

  • Clarity on your goals that are aligned to your passion & skills.
  • Clarity on weak points that need to be worked upon.
  • Clarity on how to leverage your strengths to your benefits.
  • Ability to assess or find your business idea that is aligned with your strenghts & passion.
How Phase 1 works?
Experience 'Team working' | 8 weeks

Building a venture is a complex journey and you have to work with diversified people or figure out best possible team members for your venture. Experience working with unknown people for a possible ongoing startup project.

In this phase you will select a live project from ongoing Sociocharge projects and work as per your preferred role in a team.

After completing this phase, you can expect-

  • How to navigate work in a team setting.
  • Stronger reasoning & problem solving abilities.
  • Better communication, group discussion & presentation skills.
  • An opportunity to find potential co-founder and/or team mates.
How Phase 2 works?
Build upon your own idea | 4 weeks

Swimming is not learnt until one jumps into the water.

Learn core business fundamentals that are applicable in any business and apply them in your own idea. Go through a blended experience of learning & executing your own idea to translate it into a meaningful shape.

After completing this phase, you can expect-

  • Fair clarity on defining a problem, branding, marketing, strategy, product roadmap, financial modelling, pitch deck, vision & mission.
  • A good start to your own venture idea.
  • An opportunity to get your venture idea inducted into the Impact Lab ecosystem.
  • A Certificate - 'Purpose Driven Aspiring Founder'.
How Phase 3 works?

Fee for Purpose360 per individual: INR 6999/- & Taxes
Inroductory: INR 3499/- & Taxes (Till April,2021).

You should consider joining purpose360 only if you are absolutely certain to learn & experience entrepreneurial leadership.
What people are saying
on live projects & team working experience

Allover good, very helpful team and good place to learn.
- Tushar Sethia, IIT Guwahati

I got to work on real life problem statement in the Farming sector and the learning experience was amazing. All the projects of sociocharge have great potential to transform lives of people and it was overwhelming to work on such projects
- Omkar Dashetwar, IIM Shilong

I was able further develop my entrepreneurial, teamwork and time management skills. Moreover, I networked and collaborated with like-minded students from different campuses and broadened my horizons. It was truly a unique experience.
- Wina Tamar, Bahcesehir Cyprus University

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