Impact Lab

Founder’s Day Series

Brainstorming & discussion on Ideas of impact Sometimes you have idea that you want to bounce off with someone who can appreciate through process and guide for further brainstorming. Yes, this is what we love to do with people who are driven to make change for good. Keep looking our social media pages, we time to time conduct these sessions on weekends.

Impact Talk Series

This is intended to encourage youth, studying in educational institutes, to come forward and build thriving impact enterprises. In college days young minds wander a-lot to identify right career choices basis individual fit & also seek guidance on entrepreneurial ideas that they might have. We conduct 1-2 hours of impact talk on various colleges & universities to help students identify, align & execute their purposes in their lives.

Startup registration and legal services

Once you are fundamentally clear on direction, you come at a point where you need to decide on formalization of company structure. Should it be Proprietorship, LLP, Private Limited or an NGO? What are the legalities and processes etc. We are willing to help you sort out these issues with the help of well qualified experts & professionals.

Consultancy to align the purpose, vision, mission and strategy

This is something very fundamental when you initiate working on a new idea. Why are you doing it? What are the strong reasons for you to pursue in area that you have decided? What should be your vision, mission and strategy to achieve what you want to achieve. This is something that you should be absolutely clear about before putting much time, energy & money. Yes, there will be few tweaking as you go, but you should be aligned for why you started.

Mentorship through network of well-connected Mentors

Whatever idea you have and irrespective of your experience and qualification, you always need someone who is not only capable but also willing to support us in your journey. Besides membership you also get an opportunity to leverage our Mentor’s network.

Expert connect as per the domain

Ideas can be in any domain. You also need to have expert advice that may be more technical or very domain specific. Here, we help connect with right expert for your help

Consultancy & support on tech infrastructure

Typically, all the startups need to have digital presence. We bring experts to help you to get expert suggestions and services for your need.

Help raise funding
(Seed round)

When you need to identify and reach out to potential investors or incubators, you should be thorough with you deck and financial projections.

It takes time to bring all these in proper shape. Our team of experts can help you align these and connect. We also help connect with potential investors & incubators.

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