Showcase your skills.
Gateway to kickstart your dream career with jobs that match your skills & interests and company you love to work for.
Old CV based screening is dying.
More than 50% companies are preferring skill based hiring.
Make yourself stand out.

How you build your skill based profile.
Business challenges.

We bring curated real business problems from startups & corporates for you to solve, compete & win. In the process you shocase your skills to companies and build your skill profile that helps you get your preferred job.

Projects & tests.

Grab gig projects that interests you from companies and earn. Completing the projects successfully ads up in your skill profile as proof of work. This helps your profile become stronger and attractive for companies that are looking to hire talent based on real skills.

We are also bringing you skill based tests designed by industry experts. You can build your score in specific skills by taking the tests.

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