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More than 60% graduates in India do not get jobs when they graduate. About 2/3rd campuses in India are in tier 2/3 cities where fewer companies visit for campus hiring. Many small companies & startups are not able to afford to manage on premises campus hiring due to financial and operational constraints. Companies find it hard to spot the right early talent that match skills required for the jobs.

That means many students inspite of having requisite skills & competencies go jobless just due to asymmetric access to opportunities. That also means that students, inspite of having potential to learn, miss opportunities to bridge the skill gap & end up going jobless or under-employed.

An opportunity loss at the extent of $30b per year.

All early talent should be able to build their best career and for that to happen, we believe there has to be open access to opportunity. At Sociocharge, we are making it happen. Sociocharge is a career network for early talent. It helps students & recent graduates find personalised career building opportunities and jobs. Students showcase their skills via competing on skill based tests & solving real world business problems of businesses. Students love peer-to-peer engagements on career related matters at Sociocharge.

Companies at Sociocharge find pre-matched & pre-screened candidates to hire. Companies engage with early talent in the network through business competitions, hiring challenges and career related posts.
At present, LinkedIn is the default platform for professional networking and growth, but it is not suitable for early talent who lack previous work experience and connections. Sociocharge is bridging the gap by connecting companies, campuses, and students on one platform.

We are making opportunities more democratised, accessible and personalised for early talent. Students regardless of campuses they go to or who they know get equal opportunities to build their career and find personalised jobs based on their skills & preferences.

Hemant (Founder, Sociocharge)
Founder's Note
"During my previous endeavours I hired 100+ fresh graduates. Like other companies & leaders I also hired from a selected few campuses. However, I gave a shot to hire candidates from less known campuses as well. To my surprise most of the guys who I hired based on skills & competencies from less known campuses turned out really good. However, it took a great deal of my bandwidth to find & hire such candidates. When I wanted to replicate it I didn’t find any reliable platform or tool wherein I or my HR manager could directly reach out to candidates who are pre-screened on skills & competencies. I wondered how many students lack access to opportunities even if they have desired skills set & competencies. More than 50% graduates do not get jobs through campus placements that is equivalent to loss of more than $30B economic value per year. I thought there should be some scalable solution to bridge the opportunity gap for students and to help companies find pre-screened candidates to hire. This is how I started Sociocharge as a dedicated career network for students. I strongly believe that all students must be able to access equal opportunity to build their careers regardless of which shcool they go to, what they major in and who they know. "

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