About Us

Sociocharge is a “Global Impact Network”

We are a purpose driven organization that intends to help align the global forces comprising businesses, individuals and social organizations for greater positive impact across the world.

Pressing social & environmental issues can’t be solved by any one stakeholder, we need network approach so that each stakeholder can collaborate with each other stakeholder to facilitate meaningful & sustainable impact.

As an individual we lack visibility of socially conscious for profit and not for profit organizations as there is no such integrated network exist. We intend to help you find and connect with people who share similar passion for the causes as yours. We help you build your own impact profile that further encourages others to come forward and support impact work around the world.

Not for profit organizations lack resources and face issues in marketing, fundraising & hiring right talent. We, as community of people and businesses, can help these organizations in their effort to solve problems at ground level.

Similarly, businesses that are socially conscious need to engage people and not for profit organizations to channelize their corporate social responsibilities. There is no such integrated network available that can help businesses engage with people and find right not for profit partner in their effort to channelize support for impact.

Therefore, we conceived Sociocharge as a Global Impact Network. A network that connects businesses, people and social organizations to encourage sharing, collaboration & resource mobilization for greater positive impact.

Connect today at Sociocharge and do your bit to make this world a little better every time.


Enable sustainable social actions and facilitate inclusive development around the world


To become strongest global impact platform & largest impact fund to facilitate impact work across the world


Empower all stakeholders through network approach for greater social impact and facilitating attainment of SDGs


Bring integrity in every act, encourage transparency, action for purpose, meeting societal aspirations

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