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social network

where Problems meet Solutions

"Charge up the community, do good, earn rewards & build a human side of your profile at Sociocharge."

Post a problem
You wish to solve & charge up the community

Business or community relevant problems you are passionate to solve or problems you wish were solved.

Get more community charge ups
to help solve your problem

Find like minded people and help to solve your problem and/or you help others solve their problems.

Solve business problems & earn rewards
with Sociocharge Impact Lab

Real business problems | Build your startup

Explore Impact Lab .

Lead an initiative or support one
& create your space

Build your community & let businesses & social organisations join you to solve for a larger impact.

Your purpose profile gets a boost when more community members and organisations join your initiative.

Explore Initiatives .


"Doing good is cool & rewarding at Sociocharge"

Build your purpose profile
~a human side of your profile

Join as an individual

Sociocharge for organisations

"Activating brand purpose is easy with Sociocharge."

Lead community relevant purpose initiatives

Engage community members on existing or new purpose aligned social & sustainability initiatives.

Execute campaigns that touch your customers' hearts

Engage customers on the initiatives at various touch points and ensure their active participation.

Leverage crowd intelligence in solving your business problems

Submit specific business problems to find solutions from community of youth, innovators, startups & entrepreneurs.


Build your community
on brand purpose

Join as an Organisation
Play your part, make a difference
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