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"Sociocharge is a leading purpose-led network connecting users who want to bring about change and create impact. It is where great vision meets great actions. Whether you are an individual looking for purposeful actions, a business looking to build a community on purpose, an NGO looking to build momentum or a campus looking to create future purpose driven leaders, Sociocharge is the network for you."

Sociocharge for individuals

At Sociocharge, discover your core purpose, unleash your potential and embrace a life which brims with fulfillment. -

  • Collaborate with members who share your purpose

  • Innovate and be on the next big idea- turning concept into business execution

  • Become sustainable by pooling resources- both material and intellectual

  • Develop purpose-led brands that customers desire

Join one of its kind Global Social Network, play your part, make a difference & get yourself rewarded. Learn more...

Sociocharge for businesses

Businesses create maximum positive impact when stakeholders work on a shared purpose of meeting values & aspirations of communities. At Sociocharge businesses can -

  • Connect with stakeholders on shared values & aspirations to develop action resonance

  • Lead initiatives, attract customers & other businesses to join

  • Run meaningful campaigns for customers & the community

  • Solve problems through innovation & shine as an organization

Join Sociocharge to amplify your brand purpose through Sociocharge brand solutions on purpose. Learn more...

Sociocharge for Startups

Sociocharge Impact Lab is a dedicated ecosystem to solve challenges through innovation & entrepreneurship. It is relevant & helpful to the following people & organisations -

  • Students & aspiring founders

  • Startup founders

  • Higher education institutes

  • Corporates engaged in purpose driven innovation

  • Mentors, Experts, Investors & Incubators

Startup founders can explore Sociocharge Impact Lab and benefit from ecosystem level support to build & grow their startups. Learn more...

Sociocharge for Campuses

Higher education institutes have a pivotal role in transforming young generation into the leaders of tomorrow. Students are better equipped to deal with the challenges when they develop strong entrepreneurial mindset. Sociocharge Impact Lab makes its presence in campuses as Campus Entrepreneurship Lab and extends many benefits to the campuses such as -

  • Students get opportunities to work with founders

  • Better Industry - Academia relationships

  • Business incubation support to students-led startups

  • Business led challenges for students to compete & win

  • and many more...

Sociocharge for NGOs

NGOs are able to create maximum social impact when they get timely support from the community, governments and businesses. Join Sociocharge & connect with people & businesses who share your mission. Take actions that make your NGO relevant to the community.

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