We are people driven with purpose of enabling euqal opportunites to all.
We are individuals commited to make positive social impact beyond looking short sighted profits.
We dedicate ourselves to align forces around the world to meet the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as soon as possible.

Hemant Shrivastava

B.Tech (IIT), MBA (Purdue)

Founder & CEO

Arun Pathak

B.Tech (REC), IBM, USA


Vivek Tripathi

B.Tech, MBA

Academician, Researcher & Mentor

Core team @SEL

Arjun Sarin

B.Tech, MBA

Product Management, TOI

Core team @SEL

Umesh Kumar

B.Tech (IIT), GMAT 720

Founder, Urvar Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Mentor @SEL

Prof. Trilok Kumar Jain

Director, Ecosystem for Innovations & Entrepreneurship at SGVU

Mentor @ SEL

Shobha M

Founder, BestElaaj.com

M.Sc. (Biotech), Mentor @ SEL

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