We are people driven with a purpose of enabling equal opportunities to all.
  • Hemant Shrivastava

    Founder & CEO, Sociocharge, Purpose driven individual who is passionate to help align market & social forces for an accelerated positive change aorund the worl. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur & Purdue University (USA)

  • Aman Bandvi

    Advisor, Sociocharge Director – India STEM Alliance Government Relations, Policy Advisory, Stakeholder engagement and Outreach programs

  • Vivek Tripathi

    Director, Impact Lab Entrepreneur, Academician He is passionate to bring out the best in university students.

  • AdJan Brouwer

    Is a human capital-, change- and business-consultant. He believes an organization should inspire people to bring out the best in them and to have an impact.

  • Judith Manshanden

    Is a psychologist, TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur and author. She believes that being connected to yourself, to others and to your environment brings out new opportunities in business.

  • Arshad Shamsi

    Is a business consultant and certified happiness at work coach who believes organizations that make a positive impact on people and planet are the organizations of the future.

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