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Padhega India is an online portal where people can buy, sell, rent and donate second-hand/used books of all kinds; be it for studies or pleasure.
At Padhega India, we don't assume that books should be read just once, or have a single reader. Literature should be continually recycled and knowledge should be accessible, which is why we help thousands of used books find new homes. Padhega India is conceived to bring awareness among people about the importance of economy in paper consumption and to provide new homes for used books. There's something for everyone at Padhega India, and it won't cost the earth for we love books and the earth equally!


Social Impact

India lacks proper waste management system, most of the time the paper waste generated adds to the garbage pile of the already overburdened landfills. Today 25% of landfill waste comes from the paper which could have been saved by simply recycling or reusing paper. India consumes 10 kg of paper per person per year and thousands of trees are cut every year in order to produce it. With an aim to tackle this paper waste, We have started Bodhi Tree Knowledge Company, together with an initiative Padhega India in 2014 in New Delhi. The Padhega India initiative promotes the use of second-hand books among people. It also provides second-hand books to those who otherwise have no access to expensive academic books or novels. In India, there are about 83 million avid book readers as of now and the reach is expected to grow in coming years. Now just imagine how much paper is being wasted because of new books being published regularly. By encouraging the sale of second-hand books and increasing their availability, Sushant is aiming to significantly reduce this demand for paper in the country, which in turn would reduce the burden on trees and our dying landfills indirectly. To measure the success of the stated goal of reducing the demand for paper, we have devised a measuring scale called Green Count (GC) on our website.


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  • Hemant Shrivastava Jun 24, 2019

    Founder, Sociocharge

    This is the area where major improvements are needed.

  • A great initiative with both a societal and environmental concern

  • vivek tripathi Sep 19, 2019


    Shared an event flier on LinkedIn for possible synergy

  • Krishna Kranthi May 01, 2020

    Founder at Wlaret Consultants

    Hi, 'Padhega India', this is a beautiful concept. I once had this idea, during my MBA days. This concept is viable for a social cause and as well as for Business purpose. Hope you guys are doing good in this platform. We are also into Books. Our startup is which is into Book Reading Competition. Here our customers have to purchase books to participate in the competition. They usually purchase on We don't mind discussing with you if such books could be provided by you for purchase or for rent purpose. This reduces the cost burden on the student. Please let us know [email protected] ; 8897635834 ;[Krishna Kranthi Ganagalla , Hyderabad]

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