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Sociocharge is a Social Impact Network, a digital ecosystem comprises of brands, people and causes; harnessing power of sharing & collaboration for greater impact.

We strongly believe that pressing societal and environmental challenges our society is facing can only be solved through collective efforts from all of us.

Technology can play a critical role in bridging the gap between needs (demand) at social sector and support (supply) from businesses, people and governments.We are of opinion that every one should get equal opportunities to grow and prosper. We feel that everyone, including busineses, have societal responsibilities beyond self interest and profits.

Sociocharge is tangible manifestation of our beliefs and convictions. Sociocharge intends to make social impact investment in various Social Businesses across the world.

At Sociocharge, you can connect with like minded people, brands and NGOs who care for causes you care about. Initiate meaningful conversations to make world little better each time. Support causes the way you can - monetary, with time, with purchase, with consultancy or whichever way you feel can help cause you care.

We are always open for suggestions to make this network strongest and we are always looking for purpose driven people.

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  1. Hemant Shrivastava

    Hemant Shrivastava :

    Liking it

  2. Hemant Shrivastava

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  4. Damini Sengar

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  5. Abhi Gupta

    Abhi Gupta :

    Very Impressive

  6. Hemant Shrivastava

    Hemant Shrivastava :

    Global network approach helps bring significant positive chamge

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