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About Heartfulness

Working Since: 2016 | Registration Number: U74999TG2016NPL109557

Forests by Heartfulness (FBH) is an ecological movement envisioned to create spaces where humans coexist in harmony with Nature.

FBH aims to be India’s most trustworthy and successful planters and a reliable partner for those on a similar journey. Our vision is to conserve the native, endemic, threatened species of the country and enrich the mega-biodiversity while sequestering Carbon permanently from the atmosphere.

The key goals of the programme are:

* Planting 30 million trees across 12 states in India over the next 5 years.
* Ensuring 80 native, endemic and endangered species planted across the chosen locations.
* Ensuring livelihood support for 10000 farmers, indigenous communities, and micro-entrepreneurs.

The programme has multiple objectives. Some of them include

* Restoring biodiversity by planting native, endemic flora in the initial season followed by rare, endangered and threatened (RET) species.
* Creating nationwide nurseries to grow highly resilient saplings that can compete and survive in hostile conditions while supporting livelihoods and micro-entrepreneurs.
* Relieving farmer distress by partnering with them to grow trees of economic value on their farm bunds, thus insuring them against crop failures and providing alternative income.
* Growing plants of medicinal value to address supply-demand mismatch for medicinal plants in alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH)

Besides nurturing the saplings, FBH plans to monitor their growth for three years using the latest scientific techniques such as geotagging, satellite imagery, and third-party audits.

FBH partners with various entities to achieve the intended results:

* The scientific community in the department of Forestry to identify the right species and irrigation techniques
* Nationwide nurseries to supply saplings punctually and steadily.
* Forestry department and revenue officials to identify degraded forest land, community grazing land, and educational institution ground
* Farmers to participate in the initiative and plant saplings along their land bunds thus benefitting from deep roots on their agricultural land
* NGOs to perform plantation activities and monitor sapling growth for a minimum of 3 years


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