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About Initiative

Socio Impact Cafes are the epicenter of innovation ecosystem. These cafes serve three pronged purpose.

(a) A meeting point for anyone who has a role to play, or a passion to participate in solving a challenge; the challenge may be regional, confined to a street, a district or a city, or may be a bigger problem that will benefit from a collaborative action.

(b) An interaction zone for Sociocharge member community offering pre-scheduled meetings with investors, founders and experts. Tech assisted solutions bring the global community within reach of all. Local leadership and global ecosystem would make sure that innovations do not die down just because of the lack of expertise, guidance and/or funding.

(c) A starting point to enter the entrerpreneur ecosystem - aimed at founders, startups, MSME's and researchers looking to get a headstart with stakeholders. These cafes bring the rural/rurban and tier 2 and 3 regions to the limelight of entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

And it offers a curated menu of organic beverages and snacks to keep the passion and drive energised!

You can add value in any role that works best for you -
*City Partner for cafe,

Prime focus areas -
1) Agriculture, forests, green zone conservation
2) Food
3) Health
4) Education
5) Water
6) Energy
7) Climate

Passionate to work on these areas?
Play your role as City Partner for Cafe/ Mentor/ Expert/ Investor/ Entrepreneur

Collectively we aim for -
* Zero Food Wastage
* Sustainable Consumerism
* Zero Net Carbon Emissions
* Sustainable Agricultural Practices
* Universal Access to Drinking Water
* Universal Access to Quality Education
* Universal Access to Quality Healthcare
We are constantly looking to expand the cafe's nationally and abroad


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  • Pooja Srivastava 2 Yrs ago


    This looks very promising.

  • vivek tripathi 2 Yrs ago


    a great initiative to enable local changemakers collaborate ,network and grow with global ecosystem.

  • Kunal Kapoor 2 Yrs ago

    Business Owner

    Very interested in something like this in my own city.