Sociocharge Brand Solutions on Purpose
Enabling brands to activate their brand purpose and thrive in the purpose economy.
Customers seek authenticity. Without authenticity, a business risks becoming invisible in today's hyper competitive marketplace. Sociocharge brand solutions help your brand activate brand purpose - 'overlap between what the market needs, what your brand’s uniqueness is, connecting it to what the community needs and driving positive change'.
Purpose driven innovation & customer connect.
Why brands can not ignore PURPOSE
  • 23%

    more revenue comes from customers who love your brand.

  • 81%

    of millennials are willing to spend more on product/service if it comes from sustainable brands.

  • 9 out of 10

    people would switch brands to one associated with causes.

  • Customers want

    brands to actively invested in the betterment of the society and solutions of social problems.

  • Customers want

    an opportunity to give back whether its with gift of their time or their money.

  • Truth is

    sustainability, social impact & corporate governance are becoming more relevant today.

Purpose driven innovation
Rapid innovation is critical to any living organization. Emerging opportunities compel a business to focus on the young demographic and leverage the youth’s talent in solving business-social challenges. Brands not only get innovative solutions to their problems but also establish meaningful brand connections with the youth who are the potential employees, buyers and brand advocates. Brands also strengthen their relationships with academia by participating in innovative & purpose aligned research projects.
Open innovation challenges

Change and transformation is the key for company growth and change often comes from fresh ideas external to the company. Sociocharge Impact Lab brings new input from student members of the network to help activate transformation and solve problems. Organizations can find ready to hire fresh talent already familiar with their processes.

Co-create solutions to business problems

Impact Lab ecosystem helps brands convene teams of internal innovators and startups to develop and rapidly prototype new products & services. Gain access to complementary technology, product or services without a large financial commitment. Curated business-social problems that are aligned to your brand purpose take shape of a project in Impact Projects.

Training & workshops

Elevate your brand and build lasting relationships with Startups, Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders. Brand your product and services to key stakeholders. Help people meet their challenges through your products and/or services.

Business Incubation

Extend support to entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in the initial stages of starting up. Partner with potential startups that are building products/services which are strategically relevant to your brand.

Purpose driven customer connect
Activate your brand purpose by enabling customer participation on shared initiatives through SAAS based solutions. Creating a societal impact for your brand has never been this easy. Join Sociocharge to make it visible, tangible & sustainable. Collaborate with other brands, social organizations and leverage shared initiatives. We want you to have customers who not only love your brand but share recommendations for it!
Connect customers on shared values

At Sociocharge, you have the opportunity to invite customers to the values that your brand stands for. We will help your brand position communicate a palpable feel-good for your customer. We will help you transform your customer to look beyond product, price and quality engaging with your brand in a deeper connection.

Build brand advocates

Amplify brand advocacy through word of mouth. At Sociocharge your brand will be the story of a larger good than merely a one time transaction. This will help set up a chain reaction of brand advocacy and furthermore, convey unique value to other businesses associating with your brand.

Be different

Solutions help your brand amass collaborators rather than customers. For this transformation solutions help you position your brand as a conscious brand which cares about the communities in which it operates. This will lead to a deeper connection with the customer and brand loyalty.

Be relevant

Brands living an authentic purpose and making a positive difference in the community always stand out and create value. Take bold initiatives that matter to the community where your brand operates. Sincerity, responsibility, ethics and reliability are the touchpoints which will attract your customer and make you stand out from competitors.

How it works
DIY framework to activate brand purpose through SAAS based solutions
Simple & easy steps

Brands take community relevant initiatives that are aligned to brand purpose and activate campaigns where customers actively participate & join hands to make a difference.

  1. Create brand impact profile in the platform (Use official email ID only)
  2. Work out your plan that works for you with Sociocharge brand team
  3. Take initiatives aligned to your brand purpose
  4. Activate engagements to initiate innovations aligned to initiatives taken
  5. Activate customer connect campaigns under the initiatives taken
  6. Let platform help make impact transparently visible to all the stakeholders
Premium benefits

Brands can leverage the following premium modules to optimise their offerings & increase sales.

  • Instant ad/coupon serving technology: Serve relevant deals instantly to the participating customers & improve conversion rate.
  • Flexible feeback mechanism: Get instant feedback from customers to track NPS. Customize feedback questions as per location and track in run time.
  • Data insights and personalization: Derive data insights and re-engage with customers to increase sales.
  • CSR and Sustainability management solution (advanced): Manage your CSR & Sustainability efforts in a simple, transparent & measurable manner by actively engaging employees & customers.
Lead on purpose & let the community find your brand meaningful
Join the network
Play your part & make a difference
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