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“ Consumers gravitate towards brands that they trust and find authentic.
Brands are faced with challenges of diminishing attention spans and ever-increasing media clutter.
In such a complex environment, a brand without a larger purpose stands every chance of becoming irrelevant ”

Pressing challenges before brands

Customer insights

Brands,especially physical retailers, lack customers' data, insights and personlization in comparison to what online players have


Lack of customers data affects way communication is established with customers to understand their changing aspirations and behaviours

Brand equity

How to differetiate brand from competitions, build brand equity and drive brand loyalty

Employees motivation

How to keep employees motivated, attract best talent and reduce attrition

We are here to help

Our cloud native purpose driven customer engagement (PDCE) solution helps brands engage with their customers around shared causes they both care about and build strong emotional connect between them. We capture customers' data non intrusively and help drive customer insights, build strong brand equity, ecourage customer advocacy, repeat visit and improve sales.
We help brands communicate their purposes to employees and customers. we let your csr efforts get more visibility too.

Customers data, insights and personalization

Capture customer data non-intrusively and build strong customer insights basis their demography and buying pattern

Improving marketing ROI

Helps generate UGC and establish personlized communication with customers on various digital channels and drive effective omnichannel strategy Reduces social media ad spend.

Brand building & increase sale

Assists matching the expectations of millennials and making business future ready. Helps differentiating business in crowded marketplace and increase sale

Attract & retain talent

Helps aligning purpose, beyond profits and chashflows, within and outside the organization to attract and retain talent

How PDCE works

Our DIY platform allows brands to run csutomer empowered cause marketing campaigns in a minute.
Consumers develop positive perception of the brand due to their ideas about how socially responsible the brand is and that the Cause Related Marketing (CRM) programs enable them to support causes. Brand image stemming from CRM strategies exert an important influence on consumer’s ideas about brand distinctiveness, credibility, attractiveness, and buying intentions

Cause selection

Brands choose cause relevant to them and decide committment amount

Campaign creation

Brands create & schedule campaigns

Activation & viral push

Customers participate in campaigns and share brands good work in their social network

Contribution management

We manage end-to-end contribution disbursment to causes on brands' behalf

Premium Benefits

Instant ad / coupon serving technology

Serve releavnt deals instantly to participating customers and drive conversions

Flexible feeback mechanism

Get feedback from csutomers on the fly and keep measuring NPS

Data insights and personalization

Drive insights form data and re­engage with customers

Employees engagement

Let brand's purpose and values be part of routine activities of employees

CSR and Sustainbility management solution (advanced)

Manage your CSR and Sustainability efforts in a simple, transparent, measurable and engaging manner. Optimize CSR investment to the best

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