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“Consumers gravitate towards brands that they trust and find authentic. In an increasing media clutter, brands without larger purpose stand every chance of becoming irrelevant.”

Pressing challenges before brands

Customer insights

Brands, especially physical retailers lack the insight of customers changing aspirations & behavior.


Lack of customer data affects the way communication is established with the customers.

Brand equity

How to differentiate brands from the competitions, build brand equity, drive brand loyalty and advance brand advocacy by the customers. Brand advocacy by the customers is the surest way to drive sales.

Employees motivation

How to keep employees inspired & motivated. Besides, attracting the best talent & reduce the attrition are the two most fundamental challenges for businesses.

We are here to help

Our cloud native purpose driven customer engagement (PDCE) solution helps brands engage their customers around shared causes that they both care about. PDCE helps build strong emotional connect between brands and their customers. It helps advancing brand advocacy by the customers that results in repeat visits and more sales.

Customer Insights

Enhance customer experience while they shop by helping them support a cause they care. Learn more about customers aspirations & changing behavior.

Optimize Marketing ROI

Leverage opportunity of customer engagement by helping them share about good work of brand in their social network. Amplify brand advocacy through word of mouth.

Business growth

Differentiate brand from the competitions by customer brand advocacy derived from emotional connect with customers. Increase repeat visits and sales.

Attract talent

Amplify brand’s authentic purpose with customer participation attract talent.

How PDCE works

Our Do It By Yourself (DIY) solution helps brands run customer empowered cause marketing campaigns aligned with brand purpose & vision.
Customers develop positive perception of the brand due to their ideas about how socially responsible the brand is and that that cause related marketing programs enable them to support causes customers care about. Brand image stemming out from CRM strategies exert important influence on customers’ ideas about brand distinctiveness, credibility, attractiveness & buying intentions.

Cause selection

Brands choose the causes to support as per their brand purpose & social objectives. Brands can choose the NGOs/Causes local to specific geographies

Campaign creation

Brands create & schedule campaigns

Activation & viral push

Customers participate in the campaigns and share about brand purpose in their social media

Contribution management

We manage end-to-end contribution disbursment to causes on brands' behalf

Premium Benefits

Instant ad / coupon serving technology

Serve relevant deals instantly to participating customers & improve conversion rate.

Flexible feeback mechanism

Get instant feedback from customers to track NPS.

Data insights and personalization

Derive data insights and re-engage with customers to increase sales.

Employees engagement

Inspire employees by engaging them on brand purpose

CSR and Sustainbility management solution (advanced)

Manage your CSR & Sustainability efforts in a simple, transparent & measurable manner by actively engaging employees & customers

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