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Initiated by Sociocharge

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Purpose aligned - SDGs

About Initiative

416,686 confirmed positive cases; 18589 deaths; 197 countries affected ( as per WHO, as on 26 March, 2020) What every one can do to beat COVID-19? We not only need to keep ourselves safe but also need to do whatever we can do to help people who are either affected or who are actively helping affected people. Many people, organisations and governments are already doing their own best to contain the COVID-19 spread and speed up the recovery. However, seeing the data, we can easily estimate that more efforts are needed and all of us need to contribute whatever best we can do. This initiative is an attempt to bring multiple stakeholders closer for faster collaboration and cooperation. Individuals who know about any startup/organisation working on related areas - add details in comment, we will join them with places/people where they services are needed. Organisations/Startups working on related areas - please add your details in comment so that we can connect with other stakeholders Businesses which are capable of extending help in terms of funding, resources or knowhow - initiate a campaign attached with initiative to help people. (reach us for creating campaigns, we will help execute it fast) Social organisations/ Businesses - add your profile on platform and tag as COVID-19 so that every other stakeholder can reach to you, Everyone can help spread the message around for faster co-ordination. Together, we can beat COVID-19. Lets #BeatCoronaVirus

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  • Hemant Shrivastava 1 Yrs ago

    Founder, Sociocharge

    Share what you are doing, what you can do or what you need to #fightbackCorona so that more people can come together to collaborate & accelerate the positive impact.

  • vivek tripathi 1 Yrs ago


    Certain solutions which can help by people Dr Deepak Agrawal for ventilators Prem Rathod ,for connecting to Drone Sanitizers

  • Hemant Shrivastava 1 Yrs ago

    Founder, Sociocharge is wonderful initiative from Pune, India - shaping up machine learning model to map the spread of COVID-19.

  • Aman Bandvi 6 Months ago

    Startup growth consultant, building traction for impact founders, scaling startups from idea to markets.

    In the second lockdown, testing kits, rural healthcare, collaborative health banks and tele-medicine are needed. In addition to healthcare drugs/tonics/food. Looking forward to engage with startups and businesses working in this domain with an aim to mitigate challenges brought about by Covid19.