Initiated by - Sociocharge

Category: Product Management | Duration: 4 weeks | Proposed team: 2-5

Title: SociohealthPlus - Develop a PRD & design


This project comes under proposed platform: SociohealthPlus. Most of the people living in rural or remote areas need to travel to distant locations to access primary healthcare services. Sometimes it becomes fatal to their lives too. People also get trapped under the influence of semi-trained medical professionals that further adds up the problem. SociohealthPlus will have multiple modules to solve the pressing challenges in healthcare domain. Most important vertical under SociohealthPlus would be a network of e-clinics connected with the regional healthcare infrastructures. In this project a web interface needs to be created that would contain a conceptual flow and information

Expected outcome

An web-interface that give a full clarity on concept and flow

Who can apply

Students from any campus or youths in any city who are passionate for quality healthcare services to all and are interested in developing their skills in the followoing areas.
  1. Product Management
  2. Product tech development
  3. Web design

What participants get

Participants can expect the following benefits.
  1. Team working experience
  2. Result oriented engagement
  3. Exposure to product management leadership
  4. Internship certificate

Project detail

Following key sub-modules need to be brainstormed and developed.
  1. Home page
  2. e-Clinic page
  3. e-Clinic design

Known constraints (if any)



All participants will be working under supervision of a leader from Sociocharge. There will be weekly interactions to assess the progress and guide participants on the further steps. Team will submit its work at the end of the proposed engagement.

Brief on company

This project is initiated by Sociocharge under the initiative SociohealthPlus. SociohealthPlus is to be a separate vertical under Sociocharge.

Terms & conditions

  1. Project belongs to Sociocharge
  2. Students who meet the requisite criteria & who can commit time, quality, skills needed should apply
  3. Weekly interactions are mandatory to attend.
  4. Participants will be working with founder or respective project leader of the startup
  5. Role of Sociocharge Impact Lab is facilitative only
  6. Participants will follow internship guidelines

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